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Root Class Reference

#include <root.h>

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Detailed Description

Root object.

The Root object is the parent of all figures. It also hols all the default properties for the various objects. There is only one root

Definition at line 33 of file root.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddFigure ()
 Addes a new Figure object, taking care of the numbering etc...
virtual void DeleteChild (ocpl::Handle Child)
virtual void DeleteMe ()
 deleting root will exit octplot so this is done in octplotapp
virtual void draw ()
Object * FindParentOfType (std::string type)
 Looks for a parent of the current object of a certain type.
virtual void Get (ocpl::command &com)
ocpl::Handle GetHandle ()
Property * GetProperty (char const *Name)
virtual void Parse (ocpl::command &com)
virtual void PostSet (ocpl::command &com)
virtual bool PreSet (ocpl::command &com)
 Root (ocpl::Handle Parent)
virtual void Set (ocpl::command &com)
virtual void SetPrinting (bool set)
void SetProperty (char const *nm, Property *newprop)
void Soil ()

Public Attributes

ocpl::Real lmax [3]
ocpl::Real lmin [3]
ocpl::Real max [3]
ocpl::Real min [3]

Protected Attributes

bool after_draw
 did we draw already ?
bool dirty
bool printing
PropMap Properties
ocpl::Handle Self

Private Attributes

int _last_fig

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