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HandleVectNoOwn Class Reference

#include <prop_handle.h>

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Detailed Description

A vector of handles (actually implemented as a set).

Definition at line 29 of file prop_handle.h.

Public Member Functions

void Add (const ocpl::Handle new_handle)
 Add another handle.
void AllDraw ()
void CallPostSet (ocpl::command &com)
void CallPreSet (ocpl::command &com)
virtual void Clear ()
ocpl::Handle CurrentHandle ()
 Iterator function.
virtual void Delete (const ocpl::Handle handle)
 clears the list w/o deleteing objects
bool exist (ocpl::Handle il)
void First ()
 Iterator function.
void Get (ocpl::command &)
HandleVectList * GetVal (void)
 HandleVectNoOwn (ocpl::Handle hnd)
bool IsDone ()
 Iterator function.
void Next ()
 Iterator function.
ocpl::Handle operator() ()
 Gets First Handle (useful if length is 1).
void readonly (bool _ro)
bool readonly ()
void Set (ocpl::command &)
void SetPostSet (bool(*pos)(ocpl::command &com, Property *caller))
void SetPreSet (bool(*prs)(ocpl::command &com, Property *caller))
void SetPrinting (bool set)
int Size ()

Protected Attributes

HandleVectList::iterator im
HandleVectList Value

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