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Figure Class Reference

#include <figure.h>

Inheritance diagram for Figure:

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Detailed Description

Figure object.

The Figure object is a child of the Root object. It is also a FLTK window. It's children are axes

Definition at line 41 of file figure.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddAxes ()
 Addes a new axes object.
void DeleteChild (ocpl::Handle Child)
virtual void DeleteMe ()
 Figure (int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *Caption, FigureWindow *_win, int _fignum, ocpl::Handle Parent)
 Sets up the figure window.
Object * FindParentOfType (std::string type)
 Looks for a parent of the current object of a certain type.
virtual void Get (ocpl::command &com)
ocpl::Handle GetHandle ()
Property * GetProperty (char const *Name)
virtual void Parse (ocpl::command &com)
virtual void Set (ocpl::command &com)
virtual void SetPrinting (bool set)
void SetProperty (char const *nm, Property *newprop)
void Soil ()
void StopZoom ()
void ZoomBox (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)

Public Attributes

ocpl::Real lmax [3]
ocpl::Real lmin [3]
ocpl::Real max [3]
ocpl::Real min [3]
FigureWindow * win

Protected Attributes

bool after_draw
 did we draw already ?
bool dirty
bool printing
PropMap Properties
ocpl::Handle Self

Private Types

enum  print_fmt { ps, eps }

Private Member Functions

void draw ()
void draw_overlay ()
int handle (int event)
void PostSet (ocpl::command &com)
bool PreSet (ocpl::command &com)
size_t Print (const char *fname, print_fmt fmt=eps)

Private Attributes

int fignum
bool in_zoom
struct Figure::_ttt PrintOpts
double zoom_x1
double zoom_x2
double zoom_y1
double zoom_y2


struct  _ttt

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