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FTPoint Class Reference

#include <FTPoint.h>

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Detailed Description

FTPoint class is a basic 3 dimensional point or vector.

Definition at line 13 of file FTPoint.h.

Public Member Functions

 FTPoint (const FT_Vector &ft_vector)
 FTPoint (const FTGL_DOUBLE x, const FTGL_DOUBLE y, const FTGL_DOUBLE z)
 FTPoint ()
 operator const FTGL_DOUBLE * () const
FTPoint operator* (double multiplier)
FTPoint operator+ (const FTPoint &point)
FTPointoperator+= (const FTPoint &point)
FTGL_DOUBLE X () const
void X (FTGL_DOUBLE x)
FTGL_DOUBLE Y () const
void Y (FTGL_DOUBLE y)
FTGL_DOUBLE Z () const
void Z (FTGL_DOUBLE z)

Private Attributes

FTGL_DOUBLE values [3]


bool operator!= (const FTPoint &a, const FTPoint &b)
FTPoint operator* (double multiplier, FTPoint &point)
bool operator== (const FTPoint &a, const FTPoint &b)

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