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FTGLExtrdFont Class Reference

#include <FTGLExtrdFont.h>

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Detailed Description

FTGLExtrdFont is a specialisation of the FTFont class for handling extruded Polygon fonts

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Definition at line 16 of file FTGLExtrdFont.h.

Public Member Functions

float Advance (const char *string)
float Advance (const wchar_t *string)
float Ascender () const
bool Attach (const unsigned char *pBufferBytes, size_t bufferSizeInBytes)
bool Attach (const char *fontFilePath)
void BBox (const wchar_t *string, float &llx, float &lly, float &llz, float &urx, float &ury, float &urz)
void BBox (const char *string, float &llx, float &lly, float &llz, float &urx, float &ury, float &urz)
bool CharMap (FT_Encoding encoding)
unsigned int CharMapCount ()
FT_Encoding * CharMapList ()
void Depth (float d)
float Descender () const
FT_Error Error () const
unsigned int FaceSize () const
virtual bool FaceSize (const unsigned int size, const unsigned int res=72)
 FTGLExtrdFont (const unsigned char *pBufferBytes, size_t bufferSizeInBytes)
 FTGLExtrdFont (const char *fontFilePath)
float LineHeight () const
virtual void Render (const wchar_t *string)
virtual void Render (const char *string)
void UseDisplayList (bool useList)
 ~FTGLExtrdFont ()

Protected Attributes

FTSize charSize
FT_Error err
FTFace face
bool useDisplayLists

Private Member Functions

virtual FTGlyphMakeGlyph (unsigned int glyphIndex)

Private Attributes

float depth

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