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ColorNone Class Reference

#include <prop_color.h>

Inheritance diagram for ColorNone:

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Detailed Description

Same as color with the option to be "none".

Definition at line 43 of file prop_color.h.

Public Member Functions

void CallPostSet (ocpl::command &com)
void CallPreSet (ocpl::command &com)
 ColorNone (const char *none)
 ColorNone (char _c)
 ColorNone (double r, double g, double b, double a)
virtual void Get (ocpl::command &)
virtual bool IsColor ()
double operator() (const int i)
void readonly (bool _ro)
bool readonly ()
virtual void Set (ocpl::command &)
virtual bool SetColor ()
void SetPostSet (bool(*pos)(ocpl::command &com, Property *caller))
void SetPreSet (bool(*prs)(ocpl::command &com, Property *caller))

Protected Member Functions

void c2rgba ()

Protected Attributes

char c
bool IsC
double rgba [4]

Private Attributes

bool IsNone

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